Category: Windows 10

Preventing Windows automatically installing drivers

A problem that has frustrated me for some time now is the insistence of Windows 10 to automatically install drivers at its leisure, often accompanied with a nag screen prompting me to enhance my device’s capabilities by downloading some other poorly made bloatware from the manufacturer’s website. Recently, I was working with a MDT task […]

Server 2016 as a desktop

There’s scant documentation around the web about running Windows Server 2016 as a daily driver desktop, and probably for good reason. There’s a multitude of reasons why you’d be well advised not to use a server SKU on anything except a server. You can also achieve a pretty similar experience by using the Windows 10 […]

Win 10: Changing the default app for PDF files

Microsoft have apparently modified┬áthe handling of file associations in Windows 10, adding additional layers of protection for some file types in an effort to prevent file association hijacking. A number of clients I work with┬áhave encountered issues with Edge as the default PDF viewer, namely with printing. Unfortunately, existing GPOs to modify these default app […]